Disco Equipment Hire

DIY Disco 1 -

 A small, affective set up @ a great price. Ideal for pubs and events upto 100 people. Prices includes delivery, set up and de - rig.

4 Disco lights
1000 w sound system
All in one lighting & Deck stand
CD decks with Mixer and I pod Connection
All cables

Price - £150

DIY Disco 2 -

 A professional set up that will look great at any event. Use this set up indoors or out. Once again Prices on this diy disco include delivery, set up & de - rig all at a great price.

Full intelligent lighting system including laser
All in one Light & Deck stand
CD decks with Mixer and I pod Connection
1800w Crystal clear sound system
All cables

Price - £180

DJ Sound system 1

A Pair of quality Peavey 1000w Speakers ans stands
 mixer and I pod connection
Includes delivery, Set up and Pack down

Price - £100

DJ Sound System 2
(100 people +)

2 x Peavey 500w quality tops
2 x Peavey 400w Bass bins
 mixer and I pod connection
includes delivery, Set up and pack down

Price - £120

Disco Lighting pack 1

1 x T-  bar Stand
2 x gobo disco lights
All cables

Dry hire Price - £30

Disco Lighting Pack 2

2 x T bar Stands
4 x intelligent disco lights
All cables
Includes free delivery, Set up and pack down within a 10 mile radius of nr16 2qp

Price - £60

Band lighting kit

4 x par canns
1 x T-bar lighting stand
All cables

Dry Hire Price - £40

Band Lighting Kit 2

8 x led par canns
2 x T-bar lighting stands
All cables
Delivery, set up and collection


Audio vision Pack

Professional projector, white screen & dvd player
All cables
includes delivery, set up and collection

Price - £125

Band PA kit 1

Ideal for bands playing smaller gigs such as pubs & smaller function venues

2 x quality 500w speakers
2 x speaker stands
Small Mixing desk
All cables

Includes delivery, set up and collection

Price - £100
Want to add a sound engineer for the evening? contact us for availability on our friendly, helpful staff.

Band PA Kit 2

For Larger events, weddings, marquee events etc.

Powerful, professional 2k sound system
2 x pro tops
2 x pro bass bins
Mixing desk
All Cables

Includes delivery to your event, set up and collection

* You can add mic stands and mics from our extra items *

Price - £120
Sound engineer available at an additional cost, please contact us for more info if this is required.


Small audio mixer - £10
Cabled Mic and stand - £10


Par 56 Canns - £5
Led Par Canns - £10
Laser - £15
1000w Strobe - £8
1500w Strobes - £10
400w UV flood Light - £15
LED disco lights - £15
Gobo disco lights - £10


Silk Flames - £35
Small Smoke machine - £12
Small bubble machine - £12
Small Snow machine - £15
Glow sticks 15 per pack - £1.25

Please Note - all delivery and set ups are free with in 20 mile radius of our base, additional milage charge may occur for venues outside the area.