Elevation Entertainment Giant Garden Games

Let the fun begin, Elevation Entertainment's Giant Garden Games are a great way of having fun and bringing family and friends together. Great for lazy summer days in the garden, family bbq's, school fete's, proms, charity fun raiser events etc!

All Giant Garden Games are delivered to your door, all you have to do is have fun!!

THE LIMBO - It's summer time, the bbq's on, your family and friends are round now let the fun begin! Take on family and friends and become the limbo champion, How low can you go!?

GET KNOTTED - This is a great game for the whole family. Ideal for adult and children's birthdays, bbq's, parties etc. It's a larger version of the hilarious game twister and can cater for up to 30 people getting twisted up at once. Great fun and laughs to be had by all. Enjoy!!

Includes the following -

3m squared giant play Matt
Pegs to secure
Two giant dice
Rules of the game

NAUGHTS AND CROSSES - Our giant naughts and crosses game is a great way to keep the children entertained outside this summer.

SNAKES AND LADDERS - A firm old favorite now in giant size. Players become the counters and fun for the family is to be had. Great fun for children and adults, well worth it. Includes two inflatable dice.

THE SOAKER - What a classic! Children are you ready to soak your parents? Or is the parents chance to get their children back? Brilliant fun for the garden and will keep you entertainment for hours. Also ideal for Fete's, schools, Social clubs, fund-raising events, Carnivals etc.

The aim is to throw the wet sponge / water balloons at your friends as they stand behind the screen. Just like the ones you see at the sea side!

GARDEN SKITTLES - This classic traditional game is brilliant. a real game to bring the family together, also a great way to relieve stress! Includes 10 wooden skittles and two balls. Let the bowling begin!!

All Giant Garden Games are priced at £20 per game a day hire.
£10 damage deposit per game

PACKAGE 1: Hire 6 giant garden games and receive a 10% discount off the final day hire price.

PACKAGE 2: Hire 4 giant garden games and receive a 5% discount off the final day hire price.

PACKAGE 3: Weekend hire ( Fri - Mon ) £50 per game, saving of £30!

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